Photo of the Day: June 20th

Ubiquity gets into even deeper trouble in ‘The Spoils of Chaos – Part 2’ – THIS WEEKEND!


    • Same here. Instant fan of the actress since she first played Marvalette 2.0 and now she as the new character as Ubiquity. She can do no wrong.

      • @Carlos – Those are two different actresses. The NGC character that Marvelette 2.0 will be playing is Shining Spirit (only seen in a photo set so far)
        Ubiquity is a different actress, who previously played Jennifer over in the UPL series.

        They’re both great though 🙂

        • OK! Thank you for enlighting me on this. I mistook the two. They are kinda similiar looking, i think. Both are also of my type.
          I do have very poor facial recognition.
          Thanks for your help, man.

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