• If the heights in the Character Profiles are accurate, then Infinity Girl was the tallest heroine, with Captain Liberty and Shadowstar joint 2nd, and Lady Victory, Starshot, Erica and Celestia joint for 3rd

      That’s if the heights in the profiles are accurate…

      • Not much to choose, probably made a bit unhelpful by centimetres rather than feet or inches which are far more commonly used in the UK. I’d say having stood next to all of these women: Deceptress, Celestia about equal at 5’9, Captain Liberty a smidge less, hmm, Infinity Girl might have been pushing 5’9, I’d say Shadowstar no more than 5’8, Lady Victory similar to her, Starshot a bit less, maybe only 5’7.

        • Damn Deceptress is almost as tall as me (maybe tied if we knew the height in centimeters)

          That makes it both more imposing and more lovable and relatable in my mind!

    • Yes, I suppose they are, most of the one’s listed here doubled up as models too. We had bigger villainesses, Katia and Miss Suppression were both about 6ft.

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