• There’s so many good ones, there isn’t a wrong answer. They’re all amazing

    Starshot & Wonderstrike v Alaric (1 villain v 2 heroines is my favourite kind of fight)
    Starshot (and Erica) v Dominator (for the same reason)
    Starshot v Wonderstrike (with the “gimmicked” silver and gold catsuits!!!)
    Starshot v Hotshot (because wow!!!)
    4- Way Elimination (so many heroines!)

    but my overall favourite has to be:
    Starshot v Malicia Divine (where they’re chained together)

    Wait… did I just go and mention ALL of them?
    Like I said… they’re all great 😀

    • All of this is correct. Starshot was probably my favorite heroine during her tenure and I don’t think she ever made a video I didn’t like. Her Championship appearances were always special due to the energy she brought to her fights and her natural charm.
      I’m going to go with the flow here and say her strap match with Malicia was my favorite, although a close second was the Wonderstrike showdown. I’m a bit surprised we haven’t seen another strap match since (although Captain Liberty and Dominator did the tethered tango to tremendous effect in “Cap Infinity & the Submissive”) but a huge part of the appeal was the Starshot/Malicia enmity. I won’t call it a “rivalry” because most of their encounters were Malicia victimizing Starshot.

    • Hi Guido, what are the actual names of these please? Having trouble finding them, not sure if you are referring to to NGC or Championship films. My favourite was ‘Making a name’ if there is a better Starshot film it’s an automatic buy for me! Thanks S-

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