Photo of the Day: June 4th

Hard times for a mask-less Marvelette in ‘Falcone’s Pet’. If you didn’t get this one you are REALLY missing out. Available at


  • Probably my favourite video of them all. The actress really convinces you that she is in peril and the choreography and execution of the action are near flawless. If there is any chance of the original Marvelette reprising the role, even if only in a phot set, then its a certain purchase

  • I remember Generation Z was the video that made me buy into the actress, and then I started buying her back catalogue and damn it was impressive. This Surely was a hit, and a one sided beatdown at that which makes it even better in my book!

  • Can’t decide between this and Generation Z part 1. Will likely get both at some point but someone help me decide haha

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