• Wow! Is that from an unreleased set, or is it one from before my time?

    Season 1? Lots of goodies.
    The Angel catsuit is a classic, but as a latecomer here (and fitting the image of the day) I actually associate it more with Dreamweaver, who I saw wearing it first.
    Powerstar for sure. The Suki catsuit. I love the very rarely seen Golden Hornet suit. And Miss Freedom was instantly iconic.

    But I think my favourite is Bluebird’s training room costume, complete with the white gogo boots (that are probably still stuck to the training room floor ๐Ÿ˜† )

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      Lots of great options mentioned here, but I’m going to second the Golden Hornet outfit. It had a mask, gloves, boots, lovely gold color, and no cape! Terrific costume. Also, can I say Nina Hellfire? Not a heroine, but that outfit was fire!
      (I couldn’t resist.)

  • Definitely Athena and her golden breastplate. Not as well finished as it would later be but it design is awesome. 2nd i would give it to Angel catsuit, my favorite of her tbh. 3rd is Suki purple catsuit, the future Comet Girl outfit in her debut

  • I would say Angelยดs silver catsuit, Magenta and Athena golden goddess that we only saw in the training room!

    Magenta in particular is missed since the Candy Race outfit never clicked the same with me as hers did.

    • I’ll second Magenta. Boy, didn’t even think about her in my initial response here, but that actress was a bonafide knockout in that outfit!

      • We really need a “like button” function for comments, since I agree or like what people post here but can’t reply to every and each one of the comments.

        And indeed, she was a bonafide knockout, specially when she stsrted using her hair loose/down.

  • The second Angel costume, from the ending of Freedom & Truth, although I’m also a sucker for the original Ms. Freedom costume and the Powerstar costume.

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