Photo of the Day: June 6th

Go on then, what’s the best Majesty video? Including Championship battles?


  • Darn, that’s a great shot of her!! So beautiful!! I can’t determine which of her videos is the best, as she has done so many good ones.

  • “Heroine Collecting”, “Tying up a Deal”, “Noble Takedown”, “Families that Kill Together”

    Also a big fan of her partnership with Spectrum, in “Mighty Heroines of Destiny”, “Triple Threat” and “Nemesis Gauntlet”

  • Man, that’s a tough one.
    I’ll have to make it a group of videos…
    Families that Kill Together, Heroine Collecting, Tying up a deal and Known Unknowns.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    All of the above? This is an impossible choice, but I definitely understand the repeated mentions of Tying Up a Deal and Danger Room. Respect also to her teamups (with Wonderstrike, Ubiquity, Princess, Spectrum). Very surprised her championship match against Requiem and Interview with a Dominator haven’t been named.

  • Absolutely Interview with a Dominator. I love how her arm was utterly broken and even for the win ending she had to struggle to put on her boots with only one hand. Ohhh did I forget to mention the debooting and the reveal that Majesty had been wearing tights underneath her catsuit for her extra protection?

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