Photo of the Day: June 7th

Pew Pew Pew! What costume other than her own did you like seeing Erica wear?


  • My two big choices are the black number from “On Guard”, and the Miss Freedom catsuit.
    I also really love the photo-sets of her in the SG suit and in the Virtue costume.

    The one pictured above also looks amazing but the set was from before my time. Looking through the archive, another great one I missed out on was her in the Dynamite Doll suit

  • The Miss Freedom catsuit was an obvious choice! Also liked her in the purple Shadowfox suit (that cowl was fantastic, shame it was uncomfortable to wear). Having said that, since she looked so good in that color it would be amazing seeing her in the Suki Deluxe/First Comet Girl costume, that material and color combo is fantastic and we haven´t seen it in a long time (and it was used only on 3 videos I think)

  • I loved her in the Lady V outfit!!
    The shadowfox outfit second.
    And a bit of swearing in the church. Back in the day that Rye tried to compete with the NGC universe with the uk brand she appeared in a avenger costume. She looked amazing in that.

    Only looking back at the photo sets of her she is posing a lot in black/brown boots. So for the outfit of lady V I would prefer the white boots and also for the bluebird costume.

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