Photo of the Day: June 9th

Well, when the battle was over… who was victorious?? We shot two endings, so you decide! ‘Progression of Power’ is OUT NOW!


  • Bit random this. But pretty sure Alarics actor appeared in the third season of the outlaws. Good to see he’s gone mainstream xD

    • And Anvil with briefly in the last Indiana Jones movie, as the mounted Cop who’s horse Indie steals πŸ™‚
      Also, Miss Freedom got quite a decent close-up shot as a dancer in ‘X-Men: First Class’. Lady Victory is also credited, but I couldn’t spot her.
      Also also… There’s no credit, but I’m pretty sure I spotted Celestia as a Nun in two episodes of BBC’s ‘Call the Midwife’

      Please feel free to delete this post if you think I’m crossing a line posting it

  • Charlie Z. says:

    Omg I’m gonna be loving this possiblity of Patriot-Girl ultimately proven to be the stronger/more powerful, and win over Dr Progress in her dominance! Loving that demonstration of Patriot-Girl’s essence-how people love this stunningly gorgeous maiden of steel is her personification of victory!

  • My short but sweet review of this video….If you buy only ONE Patriot Girl video, this would be the one to get.
    I was highly impressed by how well both actors worked together and wait (with baited breath) to see them play off each other again. Hopefully, soon.
    Good job NGC and a round of applause to all involved with this project.

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