• And the only thing that would convince me to get it. I’m not even a foot fetish guy, but you gotta throw a curve now and then, no?

        • Absolutely they should. I’m not saying they shouldn’t every now and then. I know there’s lots of fans of that particular fetish. My own particular fetish is for boots, and I tend to lose interest without them.
          And I did only say “might”. NGC is my favourite studio, and I like to support them.

          • I remember not being a fan of Athena dropping her sandals for boots (mostly because it make her theme “less Greek”) but I imagine you liked that change back then!!

          • I am definitely with Guido here when it comes to boots. They are my favorite article of clothing on a woman. Also, the Superheroine genre is the one place I can go to escape the constant onslaught of barefeet, lol.

            However, I do also want to say that there is no right or wrong viewpoint on stuff like this. We are all into different stuff and there is no real rhyme or reason to any of it.

            But yeah, that being said, when the boots get removed that is usually the point that the video also gets removed from my hard drive, lol. So if there is ever a de-booting I definitely won’t be happy, but not every video has to cater to me so it is what it is.

            Other than that, I do hope there is a decent alt ending to this one. Capt. Liberty is a great seller, but so is The Dominator. I like to see her on the receiving end of some decent KOs, but she is usually the one….dominating.

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