Photo of the Day: March 17th

Out TODAY – ‘A Wondrous Fall’ starring Wonderstrike in her first ‘Squash Series’ video. Yes, she gets squashed.


  • Another awesome Wonderstrike video ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since Wonderstrike is the longest-serving heroine on the current roster (and I had some time on my hands) I thought I’d see where she fitted in alongside the sites other most prolific heroines.
    So, totaling NGC, Championship and Action Cosplay appearances (and also including those Member’s only videos) with this weeks video Wonderstrike is now tied with Celestia for videos (and that’s including Celestia’s one-off appearance as an ActionCosplay villain)

    By my count:
    Miss Freedom: 54
    Bluebird: 52
    Celestia / Wonderstrike: 47
    Deceptress: 39

    Just in case anyone else finds that interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s interesting. I’ve never counted, but I’d have guessed Miss Freedom and Bluebird as top 2. I’m a little surprised we shot that many with Deceptress actually. Wonderstrike has been an excellent performer for us.

      • Yes, this is interesting and tracks with what I’d expect mostly.
        As for this week’s video, I like a little more back-and-forth in videos, so I may not buy every video in the Squash series, but Iโ€™ve gotten every one so far just on the strength of the performers and Iโ€™m not going to miss a Wonderstrike entry.
        Others have said already: this video continues the run of tremendous quality she’s had recently. I hope it carries on, especially if we can see her in a few more team-ups. Sheโ€™s always good with a partner and has never met Captain Liberty or any of the Guardian Angels, let alone the new girls.

    • Great stats ! The Wonderstrike actress might take a run at passing Celestia and breaking Miss Freedom’s and Bluebird’s records ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This is really cool and I always thought about these types of statistics:

      – how many times some heroine won/lost
      – the ranking of appearances you have made
      – how many times “heroine X” was knocked out
      – what were the ways in which “heroine X” was knocked out: chloro, choke, punch, gas…
      – what was the biggest knockout reason for each heroine…

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