• Impossible to pick just one Captain Liberty video. All her videos are sensational!

    Her Championship match with Anvil was the first of her videos I saw, and she blew me away. Then it was her two battles with Alaric, “Special Measures” and “Private Destruction”, that catapulted her right to the top of my favourites.
    Getting squashed by the Announcer in “The Announcement” was another highlight.
    Her Championship match with Doctor Progress, too.
    The “Perfect Practice” two parter was a whole lot of fun.
    It was awesome seeing her team-up (sort of) with another heroine for the first time in “Operation Strikeback”
    And the most recent “Plan B” was definitely another highlight.

    ….and all the other ones I haven’t mentioned, too 😀
    What can I say? She’s right at the top for me… impossible to pick a favourite

    Hmm… I might have to do a Captain Liberty marathon

      • Absolutely! 🙂
        I could easily have listed many more. I forgot “Captain Ordinary”, which is definitely up there, and an amazing debut in “Limitations”. And fighting Miss Freedom in the ring… I could go on 😀

        I know it was asked in the recent Q&A about the possibility of another mini-series, a la Bluebird 2020. Just putting it out there that Captain Liberty seems to me like the perfect candidate for such treatment.
        No pressure either way. I’ll just be happy with any video with her. Just mentioning it as it was brought up.

        • I asked that question about miniseries and Captain Liberty was who I had in mind. Regardless, anything that puts her on screen is good with me.

  • Gian+Lorenzo+Betti+van+der+Noot says:

    I go for Special Measures and Lost Guardians (of the latter, both parts).
    I confess that I prefer On-Going Story. When will there be a new episode?

    • Do you mean a new Story video with her? Or just a new story video? ‘Atomic Conversion’ released last weekend was Story.

      • Gian+Lorenzo+Betti+van+der+Noot says:

        Yes, a new Story video with her. If it was not planned in the near future I could “be satisfied” 😉 with any episode: Solo Mission?

        • A Story with her isn’t imminent, but I hope not too long before a new video. She only had one out less than 2 weeks ago ‘Plan B’?

  • I can’t possibly choose! Tempting to say “whichever one I watched last.” Certainly “Private Destruction” is a landmark and her videos so far this year are both tremendous, and I’m a huge fan of her two-part videos, and “The Announcement” is also terrific. I could make a case for either of her Dominator team-ups also, and “Iron Rampage” is a frequent re-watch for me. Unbelievable run of excellence.

  • I Become You. I liked the idea of the mind/body switch. Both actresses had to figure out how to play the other character which must have been challenging 🙂

  • I’m really pleasantly surprised that we’re getting so many different answers here. It’s good to know that the less heralded videos are still appreciated.

  • Private Destruction is my fave with her. Such a phenomenal episode all-around, but the peril and beatdown were top notch!

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