Photo of the Day: March 24th

Candy is never far from trouble, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer I’m afraid.


    • Oh dear. I am not big on compromise’s so I’ll have to let you down! Due to the pandemic we would normally be filming something most weeks but now we can’t so I’m having to reschedule some of my release order as we speak. There’s a chance we might see her in the black mask before the pink…

  • Sorry (but not surprised) to hear that Covid 19 is messing with your schedule. I agree with Rob, though that Candy (esp in the black mask!) is worth waiting for. True, of course, for other heroines as well.

  • I think first we have to wait out this pandemic. People’s lives are far more important. Production can resume afterwards. We have to be pacient for the sake of us all.

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