Photo of the Day: March 26th

Out TODAY for EVERYONE! Alias stars in our latest STORY adventure: ‘Gain of Function’. The action is wild, but can she find a way to defeat the infected that doesn’t also please the Duke? Find out TODAY!


      • Make sense! That explains why she’s so depleted of her power at the end of the video.

        It also makes me respect Wonderstrike so much more. It probably takes her a lot of practice to master her blasts so she doesn’t drain herself immediately. Or it shows how much more powerful she truly is…

        • She has over time made them more efficient. It is still draining to do, but in her early episodes she was a sitting duck after one.

  • Ever since the first Deceptress video, I’ve been hoping for a “sacrificial” clone scenario where she lets a clone take a major beating for the sake of the mission. This episode delivers on that very well! I especially love when Alias dismisses the clone with a little wave and a smile and the look the clone gives her back is like “Sure, just call me in to get my ass kicked so you don’t have to, boss.” This might be my favorite Alias video so far! Kudos to all involved!

    • Yeah Erica used her clones to escape Red mist her first outing, but I also remember when she fought Requiem she used her clones to make her travel to different places and beat her up multiple times since she was hiding something. Love when the clones are used that way!

  • I generally try to avoid posting this type of comment because I want to praise the quality of the videos and the work that goes into them. That being said.

    The Alias actress is so effing hot.

    You could post a video of her knitting a scarf for 10 minutes and I’d watch.

    That aside, fantastic job again, and the Duke is sneakily climbing up the villain hierarchy. My only wish is that there would have been a little more of him toying with Alias at the end. Thanks for the great video!

    • No worries. We’re acutely aware that if the heroines looked like they’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, it would be a lot harder selling the videos!

      The Duke is an interesting guy, he’s got a fun part to play in all this.

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