Photo of the Day: March 27th

Did you pick up ‘Office Rescue’ yet? If you did you’ll also have got the Member Gift containing Magenta in all her season 1 finery! If you didn’t, you’ve got about 24 hours until it’s gone!


  • Love Magenta!

    I know that far too much time has passed for us to see her again, but it would be great to learn what happened to the character – her final vanishing act left it open that she might have survived…

  • Wasn’t her fate revealed (or at least hinted) in one of the S1 comic books? I want to say she met an unpleasant end.

  • We could definitively use a new heroine taking her mantle (although Candy Race has taken the pink almost flawlessly, even if i miss the pink ranger style costume)

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Maf – Yeah I must admit very much liking the whole pink ranger get up. Perhaps I’ll do something with it on Action Cosplay to sate my enjoyment of it.

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