Photo of the Day: March 3rd

Out TODAY on this website! A very tough mission for Galaxia in ‘Haywire Origins’ – She finds trouble in the Bluebird fashion, will it be another defeat? Find out today…


  • Very enjoyable. I love Galaxia’s delivery, she sounds exactly like i’d expect a superhero to sound, and Dr Progress has that crazy manic energy of his.

  • After watching this video for the quadrillionth time, I decided to watch the video at 1/4 (.25%) speed. It’s really cool that way.
    One thing I happen to notice is a tag that is sticking up at out of the back of Galaxia’s costume. I think it reads “forplay”. I just can’t get a still that’s clear enough to read it. I think I have the costume exact replica and there’s a similar tag, black with white writing. Everything about the costume I have matches perfectly with her’s. So I’m wondering if this is merely a wardrobe oversight or is this a way to accidentally on purpose show us who makes the costume. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else noticed that and was wondering what it was. Now back to watching this a quadrillion more times.
    Galaxia, you are breathtakingly beautiful!

    • To be honest, I’d want attention drawn to this about as much as I’d want my arm cut off by a rusty saw. Labels can sometimes show themselves in fights or if the actress has been playing with her outfit between takes etc. Not wanted.

    • Well at least I could track the costume with your clue. It’s a shame the socks don’t cover the feet since a cosplayer friend has been looking for this version of the characrer forever but usually they don’t make the correct design or use a lighter shade of blue which is not accurate.

      At least your comment saved me the effort of writting to NCG, but I understand why he doesn’t want details like that being noticed. In universe heroines make her own costumes or are given it by Elite Force, so seeing a tag may take someone out of the immersion

  • Really enjoyed the video!

    Don’t have the time to write a review as it deserves but I was surprised she takes a solid beating yet tries to fight back but gets slowly worn out. (With the previews I assumed less fighting would take place)

    My favorite dynamic for combat videos and you did it perfectly here. Still got to watch the endings since I couldn’t find the time but really enjoyed what I got 🙂

  • Finally one of your best bearhugs! The position of Dr.Progress arms more around lower waist is best position. The way Galaxia was wrapped by his arms and picked up was best bearhug yet. Plus gave good angles of the bearhug. Only problem was could of been longer. Or perhaps Galaxia breaks free and only angers Dr. Progress to do it again. Seriously hoping for more bearhugs just like this one. Would pay for behind the scene/unused video shots of this bearhug.

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