Photo of the Day: March 4th

Anyone paying attention knows we love superheroine duos. If we split these two up and gave them different partners each, who would you want?


  • The original duo of Wonderstrike and Red Glory would be a hard one to beat.
    I think what I enjoyed most about the Wondertrike / Majesty duo was seeing Wonderstrike in the role of the more experienced mentor figure, next to the more impetuous Majesty. It gave some definite growth to the character.

    In their championship team-up, Majesty and Alias really worked well together, and both actresses had great chemistry. Really looking forward to seeing them together again in next Tuesday’s photo-set, and I’d definitely love to see them together again in a video.

    • What I enjoyed the most about this duo is that even though Wonderstrike is the more experienced one, she’s the one gotten more beating.

      I would like to see this duo again and perhaps this one Majesty has to save Wonderstrike’s ass. The intra-team humiliation would be so palpable.

      NGC has already kinda done that in the championship fight between the Alias-Majesty duo. I loved it when Majesty remarked that she’s in a completely different league from Alias.

  • Those two make an excellent pair, but I’d love to see Wonderstrike partner with Comet Girl, who has also been in some fantastic duo videos (with Virtue and Celestia). Wouldn’t mind seeing them team up as Metro Girl and Miracle Chick either.
    As for Majesty, I think she and Captain Liberty would be a dynamite team, although that’s mainly due to the colossal amount of trouble those two could get themselves into.

  • Would like to see Wonderstrike team up with Malicia in a story where they have to ‘trust’ and work with each other to get out of a trap. Would like to see Majesty and Miss Freedom or Celestia team up.

  • I’m drawing a blank on Wonderstrike, but I’d love to see Majesty team up with Celestia (and probably drive her absolutely mad)!

  • I agree with these Celestia suggestions also. She’s a good compliment to practically anyone and plays off other actors so well, going back to her early adventure with Suki Deluxe.

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