• She had a lightning-quick passage, but she also shone with the same intensity and sounded as loud as powerful thunder. Truly a remarkable presence! I love this woman, the costume… the character!

  • Probably the actress and costume combo with the most instant and raw sex appeal you ever got in this site!

    Can´t think of a bad video she was in, and most of them became classics in my book!

    Also I think this version of the costume was cut to make her second outfit right? Otherwise I would love to see it return in a photoset or something!

    • Yeah we cut this up. It was falling into disrepair a bit anyway so if we hadn’t made modifications, we’d probably have needed to replace it. She was really good and I liked her a lot, but her availability became a bit difficult and as far as I’m aware she lives in another country now.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Once again, another heroine that I deeply miss. I wish she had gotten a couple of more episodes prior to her departure. She was in prime form in 2019 and was on her way to being one of the all time greats. Alas, I will just have to console myself with the few videos that she does have.

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