Photo of the Day: March 6th

OUT TODAY: ‘Searching for Back Up’ sees Alias taking on possibly the cruellest duo in NGC history! How does it go for her? Really badly.


  • Yeah, so this one is an all-timer! Here goes my spoiler filled over analysis!

    So, right out of the gate, the villains are upfront about what is going to happen to Alias when she loses the fight, which hangs over the duration of the vid. I liked how she’s able to handle Malicia as Ms Freedom, and obviously, once Nemesis steps in, it’s all downhill from there. There were a couple of little moments in the Ms Freedom phase I’d like to point out, the 1st when she’s sent into Malicia who shoves her back into Nemesis, and then right after where she’s trying to avoid the heater, both conveyed a sense of peril without having to resort to physical pain.

    So, after getting beaten by Nemesis, Alias does the smart thing, and switches to Athena to heal herself. Enjoyed the fact that she’s portrayed as a pretty competent heroine here. But Nemesis strikes, locking her power in place, and trapping her in a much weaker form. Slight aside here, the thing I think I love the best about this character is how her power isn’t just a visual thing, but a way to tell the story of the fight. It was something that was done brilliantly in her encounter with Lady Nemesis, and it comes into play again here.

    Ok, lets wrap this up with 3 more scenes. The first is when she comes face to face with Nemesis for the first time as Athena. Alias is just frozen in place with fear as she starts to realize just what exactly Nemesis is, and again, knowing whats about to happen to her probably coming into affect too. The chloroform scene was hands down the best one thats ever been done by NGC. Struggling to break free from Nemesis’ grip, only to struggle even harder once she sees the rag, that was well done. And Malicia played her part perfectly there. And finally, helpless and hopeless, Alias begs for mercy from 2 villains who would never grant it. I’d say the only shortcoming of this vid is that that scene was too short, but then again, it could have been 20 minutes long and I would have said it was too short! One thing I always want from these vids is for me to feel that the characters feel they truly are in danger, and its mission accomplished here!

    So, 5 stars, 10/10, go buy this now!!

  • the movie is incredible, it’s perfect from start to finish, I’ve become a fan of Alias and it doesn’t disappoint this time, I loved the final scene wearing the Freedom costume, I would like to propose that she wear the Captain Liberty costume in her next video

  • I noticed it said Lady Atom has been sold into slavery. does that mean there won’t be any videos with her in the future? I really liked her addition 🙁

    • She is an insanely talented dancer and that is what she gets booked for above acting/stage combat. She’s almost impossible to book. When we shot her earlier videos it was spring last year and other work hadn’t picked up yet for her because of the pandemic, but then it really did. A pity for us, but she’s doing well.

      • aww such a shame, she was great at the combat parts(with the dancing training that makes sense). it’s good to hear she’s doing well though, thanks for the response! fingers crossed that the stars align in the future

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