Photo of the Day: May 10th

You have to delete all your Angel videos apart from one. Which one do you keep?


  • Easy peasy – Season 2 Episode 8, Fallen Angel. Great villain, great concept, some sexy costume destruction, great fighting action and one of the best backbreaker sequences ever committed to video.

  • Tim Caine says:

    “Deadly Sins” is a really good choice. Great way to get to keep 3 videos. Her first appearance in Episode 2 stands the test of time and is still one of the best episodes in the NGC library. The NGC Championship match with The KO Queen is lots of fun and Angel takes some pretty good lumps in that one. I also really liked Training Room volume 5 in which Nina Hellfire beats her up pretty good. Although, that one has a terrible ending. It would have been totally better if Nina would have cruelly finished and humiliated her.

    So, I guess I too would take “Deadly Sins” as mentioned above. If I can’t do that I’d have to say I’d take Season 2, episode 8 in which Lunar Sebastion takes her apart.

  • Even as someone who doesn’t like debooting, “Fallen Angel” is pretty hard to beat. What a performance!

  • Angel v Snare: Rematch. It’s the only NGC film that has a hogtie in it I think. There’s also other ties and a cleave gag in it 🙂

  • Really? Angel? Man, that sucks.
    Well, I suppose you’re asking about favourites and to that end, my favourite is the first time she meets Snare.
    That being stated, I’d also like to state that I do like all the video’s you’ve made NGC, so when I say “fave”, I mean….I flipped a coin that’s the one that came up …this time.

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