Photo of the Day: May 11th

Did you pick up your Member Gift alongside the main Solaris video yet? Better hurry… it will be deleted in 24 hours!


  • Any Captain Liberty footage is a huge treat for me 🙂

    That image above is a perfect example of how Dominator can often be totally adorable, while still losing none of her sadistic villainy. I don’t know how she manages to pull off that combination so well.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Delightful members gift, a nice companion to the video and reminder of what an amazing pair these two made (also seen in “Captain Infinity and the Submissive”). I would’ve loved for Dominator to have had a rivalry with Cap Liberty as long and storied as she had with Miss Freedom. “Rivalry” is perhaps the wrong word, though.

    • Who knows? Perhaps we can revisit that one? We never managed the 3rd ring fight with Deceptress sadly. Although, fight trilogies are rare when the first two are total squashes! The Miss Freedom v Dominator videos are among my favourites.

  • I purchased the video for the members gift but the screenshot above wasn’t even in the members gift? I only saw Dominator in position above. humm.

    • If you buy the actual video ‘I Become You’, you will see Cap tied to the chair by Dominator, just like in the image above. The bit in the members gift is from after they’ve swapped bodies (so it’s still Captain Liberty tied to the chair, she’s just played by the Dominator actress 😉 )

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