Photo of the Day: May 12th

Out TODAY for Everyone! Solaris gets drawn into a painful battle with Acolyte, and he’s taking no prisoners! Get your copy of ‘Ultra-Violence’ TODAY!


      • Ginaaaaaaa says:

        If this talented girl of SOLARIS is in two videos with a long time with an interesting and fresh story or the sequel of the same video: {ULTRA-VIOLENCE} face the character of SIN and also face CHAOTICA once again in the video and in those videos we see a An attractive and breathtaking fight between the two of them, in which various new techniques and submissions are used, is a lot, because these two girls are very strong in their own formats, these two actors are very talented and attractive. Especially if in both videos we see that Sin pushes Solaris’s head very hard and long with his two hands like the picture on this page, and also in the other video CHAOTICA also presses SOLARIS head very hard. He enters until he falls asleep little by little. I mostly mean that this can be considered a way of penetration or a weak point of SOLARIS that was discovered by SIN and CHAOTICA and they will definitely use it fully.


  • Ginaaaaaaa says:


    What a heavy pressure the poor thing is putting on her head and how cute Solaris slowly closes her eyes and falls into a heavy sleep, this girl is talented in her work.


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