Photo of the Day: May 14th

Wonderstrike’s world is thrown into turmoil in ‘Violent Proposal’! Did she get out of the Crown Prince’s trap in one piece? OUT TODAY for ALL!


  • Dr Mabuse says:

    This is a fun video. First of all, Wonderstrike looks ridiculously, absurdly great in this. If you’re a fan of the character (as I am) this video is essential, but it’s also very entertaining with some interesting twists. Perhaps most importantly, it has multiple knockouts and several fights.
    It’s Wonderstrike, so the combat is really good throughout. Also, and this is a major reason WS ranks so high with me, she performs the multiple defeats she suffers throughout this video extremely well. Still, I think I enjoyed the ending as much as anything else in this video. It’s an incredibly fun variation on some long standing NGC themes.
    The photoset is huge, but has a lot of great poses and beautiful perspectives. This could honestly be my favorite WS photoset of all, which seems impossible given how great her photosets typically are.

  • This week’s member package was great ! (Wonderstrike film, photo set, Viirtue/Vice Behind the scenes clip). Keep up the great work ! 🙂

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