Photo of the Day: May 18th

Only 24 hours until the Supremacy Alpha UNSEEN Member Gift gets deleted. Open yesterday’s Member email for full details!


  • Loved the members’ gift this week. This was one of my favorite videos, so the extra footage and BTS was great to get a hold of. Thanks again.

  • It was nice seeing more Alias actress footage. She’s having a little more exposure for her talents with the belated release of some material she did just before she came on board with NGC as Supremacy(alpha). I got the first part and was not disappointed. I don’t want to use your site to promote non-site material, but as a fan I want to continue to say nice things about this performer. I still hope she will stay in shape and come back to play a version of the purple Batgirl character, even a parody version. I would like to see her make a comeback, but failing that I would settle for a one-off series as Batgirl. I think the term for that would be to semi-un-retire.

    • Fun fact, she was meant to be in UPL. We even shot a couple of backstage scenes with her, and then she suddenly went abroad, so we had to re-shoot. This was 2019. Then she came back, shot that other video, and started as Alias a few weeks later. I don’t expect her to come back, sorry.

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