• Dr Mabuse says:

    Her two-part battle with the Anvil was certainly fierce, but I have to give it to Malicia Divine. Their back and forth in “The Decider” dripped with venom, and their Championship encounter remains one of my favorites.

  • That one and “Security Breach” convinced me that what we need is a 2 or 3 episode, action heavy miniseries.

  • She is fabulous. As others have said Anvil and the wonderful Malicia were brutal confrontations. Loved her going up against the Drone as well. Is there a chance she will return so time in the future ?

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Mr C – It doesn’t look great right now. She no longer lives in the UK, and with travel restrictions as they are I certainly can’t see it this year. Stranger things have happened, but I’ve not heard from her in a while.

  • Wasn’t “The Decider” also the first video where Starshot had her hair down for the whole video?
    I seem to remember something about that (…suppose I could look it up)…
    However, I agree with Dr. Mabuse.
    Malicia Divine is so….driven…in her pursuit of all the heroines…and she REALLY had Starshot and Virtue’s number in “Malicia’s Delight”.
    That one remains one of my favourite videos here.

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