Photo of the Day: May 26th

Out TODAY on this very site, Lady X and Shining Spirit try to get the large Redstone from Reggie, but of course things don’t exactly go to plan. This is a TRANSFORM video with a lot of action in civilian and superheroine costumes.


  • I enjoyed this one immensely. You seem to have hit a full stride here. Reggie is a wonderful villain, and the back and forth of the story line was fun to follow. The Lady X actress is in a class by herself on this site with her mastery of expressions, and of tones, and of physical posture. I am giving her, and other actresses, credit for creativity too, when so many of their videos feature particularly clever lines, or cleverness in other ways for an actor to express their creativity, as in stunt work, or different ways to fall unconscious, or even wardrobe. In this case, I am giving her the credit for adding the trench coat to the slinky gold undercover outfit, a nice little touch. The rest of her acting here was a ten out of ten, from her x-nay on the eaching-pray reaction to her dim-witted sidekick’s inability to disguise her moral sanctimoniousness, to her fiercely thrashing efforts to break free when she was chained to a chair, to her helpless writhing when hit with the villain’s force field beam (which reminded me of Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series), to her most unladylike bellow when she tackled Reggie. This young woman is really something, and a wonderful discovery on your part.

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