• Ubiquity is due for a ko fest type video given she is one of the weaker heroines would love to see her take a beating but ya I would say her championship vs lady nemesis

  • Double Bluff is awesome!
    For character moments, I really enjoyed her interactions in Known Unknowns. Gave me a bigger sense of who she is as a character (hey, I enjoy the character moments too 🙂 )
    And I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced action of her Championship match with Midnight

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    I think nearly all of Ubiquity’s short list of videos have gotten mentions so far, which makes sense to me, because they all have great moments. I loved Spoils of Chaos, she’s had great Championship matches, Double Bluff was terrific, Known Unknowns is awesome, really hard to choose one.

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