Photo of the Day: May 3rd

OUT NOW at – The Season Finale sees Roxy Gold put her belt up against…. Sami Blu?! Surely the popstar celeb has no chance?!


  • Justin Guitard says:

    So despite this being the end of painleague i just want to know 2 things:
    1. Is there going to be a certain limit of time until ghe website closes or will it remain open since i don’t have the last 4 videos yet.
    2. If when you catch back up with NGC, will you revisit painleague in the future but with different people???

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Justin – 1 – It won’t be coming down any time soon. 2 – I think this is doubtful, I’ve got other projects now that I didn’t have in 2019 when I made UPL that are a higher priority.

  • Congratulations on Pain League, the production values, actresses, and choreography were fantastic. I’ll be sad to see it go and wish you all the best for future projects.

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