Photo of the Day: May 7th

Lady X is on a roll! What is your favourite of her releases so far?


  • It’s probably between Alpha Designation Part 1 and Angel on the Shoulder. Both contained some nice KO scenes. Will probably go with Angel on the Shoulder as I mainly prefer f/f scenarios and the dude got in the way in Alpha Designation, lol.

    But yeah, that ragdolling scene in Angel on the Shoulder when she gets “force lifted” over and over again only to be knocked back down was one of my favorite scenes. Being completely dominated with a power similar to her own makes it even more humiliating. Combine that with the actress’ amazing ability to sprawl out for KOs made it perfect.

    Side note about the Alpha Designation vid, but I think Timeless should be brought to the main NGC vids. It would be nice to have some villainesses with actual powers to use against the heroines. That time stopping ability was used to great effect in Alpha Designation. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.

    • Thanks. Yes, I’d maybe consider that. It was pretty cool. I’d like to work more with her, she just isn’t local and so it is logistically difficult.

  • Oh man, Lady X is amazing!! Beautiful actress who seems to ‘get it’, gives excellent performances, very athletic. Her Transform video where she faces off against Nemesis, her bearhug reaction was exquisite. She’s quickly become a favourite of mine.

  • For me, X Heroine was the best as it had a lot of superheroine perils/ideas in it like chloro, civilian disguise, unmasking, debooting (for some fans), being hit with a boot, beatdown… 🙂

  • Too hard to pick… she’s been sensational in everything, both as Lady X, and over at ActionCosplay.
    If I tried to pick, I’d just end up listing everything she’s been in. So that’s my answer: everything

  • I like “X Heroine” because she just looks SO good in that one, but she comes off a bit timid through the whole video.
    Her last one was a better portrayal of the charcter, I thought.
    More “heroic”, for lack of a better word.
    So, I have two faves and those are them.

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