• Tough question. I love A Star Has Fallen and Shadowstar Taken, but I think The Code Part 1 is my favorite. I just love the holds and moves that the KO Queen does to Shadowstar. Shadowstar’s reactions and expressions were always top notch. Shadowstar was always my favorite character and the actress was the best.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Tough, nearly impossible choice. My absolute favorite has to be “The Code, pt2” which has the amazing revelation about the nature of the “Fail-Safe Sisters” that changes everything in the series (plus great fights between KO Queen and SS, plus Dynamite Doll, and a spectacular alternate ending). But, the members’ only video “Sleeper’s Trap” has probably her best performance, and I could make a case for a couple others also.

  • Will her member’s only vids ever be re released for those who weren’t around when they were first released??

  • Yes, absolutely agree on “Sleeper’s Trap” as the choice. It has some of the best non-physical peril in the whole FSS run.

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