• Dr Mabuse says:

    They’re all pretty close, but I would put ‘Tying Up a Deal’ and ‘Prime Guardian’ in there with ‘Plan B’. ‘Operation Strikeback’ as well, which is another Cap Liberty appearance.

  • Agreed with Plan B
    Also up there: X Heroine, Gain of Function, Beta Villain Bites Back, Atomic Conversion, Double Bluff, Cain’s Checklist (Patriot-Girl), Tying Up a Deal, and last week’s Double Jeopardy

    probably others too 😀

    • Chris Scopp says:

      Beta Villain Bites Back and Atomic Conversion would be my favorites. Both of the actresses are on point. Acting, looking the part, and selling the drama.

  • i like better anything that has Carmen Black IV, Magesty and Shining Spirit suffer non-stop facepunching strikes from begining to end.

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