Photo of the Day: November 13th

If you want the video to accompany this still, it was part of this weekend’s Member Gift. You still have 24 hours to get it IF you open yesterday’s email!


  • Lovely gift 🙂 I love seeing behind the scenes of the photo shoots like this.
    I imagine you must have plenty more like this for future member gifts (at least I hope you do).
    Ones I’d really love to see, if possible: that first Alias photo shoot vs the Darkheart; the Majesty as Athena vs Nemesis photo shoot; Captain Liberty as Infinity girl photo shoot.
    Those are some of my faves 🙂
    Oh, and the Aurora one from last week.
    That said, you might not have anything… but if you do

    • I can’t say that I’ve got all of those things, but we are taking more video at the photo shoots, and we are doing more photo shoots, so there will be more, I just need to find the appropriate way to showcase it because I wouldn’t want all member gifts to be like this, maybe one a month.

      • Yeah, I can see that.
        Maybe you could do some like you did with that old Shadowstar one from a few weeks ago, where you included the video in with the photo set

        • That might happen. It really depends how things evolve with photo sets because I really want to make them more frequent and better, and this could help with that but I don’t know. I’d really need a sense that more people will get the set if a video is included. You’d think so, because it is more stuff, but things don’t always work out how I’d expect. I need a lot more data.

  • Any chance to see the Celestia actress is worthwhile, particularly as Supergirl. That said, I’m a tiny bit surprised you released the little video. She seems somewhere between bored and perhaps a bit contemptuous every time shooting stops. It kinda harshes the mood.

    • She’s definitely not contemptuous after 10 years and many shoots. These are long days, and it probably doesn’t help that I tell them smiles go in the bin during fight sections. She very much enjoys the work, I don’t pay enough to force someone who didn’t enjoy it to come back so often.

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