Photo of the Day: November 16th

Captain Liberty (the daughter) arrives on the scene this weekend in our on-going story: ‘Limitations – Part 1’


  • Love the name! Nice concept indeed. Her style is pretty young, just like herself. Hope she can grow a lot as heroine and bring us great adventures. Also, could she be daughter of Miss Freedom? Serious question, I never wanted so much a spoiler as I want this one haha

  • Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the costume, but she’s lovely. Would rather you went with the skirt and pantyhose look. But life goes on I suppose.

  • She seems cool. A bit excessive with her picture being so prominent and large on the home page but maybe that’s a sign of her larger than life personality.

  • That was my first thought as well Mike. Why isn’t that a skirt? It should be a skirt. Feels like it would have fit better. Especially since Candy defected and we’re back down to just one heroine who has a skirt as a costume.

    • She will have a skirt sometimes. I’ve never done a crop top and leggings look before so I wanted to. If requests are formed as complaints I’ll probably ignore them, just a heads-up.

  • I wasn’t complaining and I wasn’t requesting anything. If there’s anything that I have learned from being a consumer in the genre for a decade is that a) people have various tastes not shared equally among all and b) producers have various limitation not often shared publicly. My running assumption most of the time for why a producer doesn’t do something is that they can’t or the demand isn’t there. And I most definitely do not believe anything should conform to a single word I say. If Candy never wears a skirt again then that’s fine. I would be disappointed but it is what it is. The market wants Candy not in a skirt and that’s life.

    • I apologise if I seemed hard. I don’t honestly understand the psychology behind the comment about skirts if it is not meant to make me consider providing one for this character or another. If it’s just a simple “I think a skirt would be better, ho hum…” then I guess that’s fine, it is just rather alien when I receive so many messages where people request changes for their specific interest, and I am not used to (due to the rarity) comments that are mere observations.

  • Yeah I feel sometimes you’re a bit too defensive Andrew. I think that comes from your passion and hard work, which I respect. But I most certainly was not complaining. Just voicing my opinion. There wasn’t an insult to be had there. Looking forward to her eventual skirt debut lol

    • You’re probably right. I just read “life goes on I suppose” and looked out of the window at a bleak, slate grey, and darkening November sky and think Captain Liberty should be a piece of sunshine during the asshole of our existence and want everyone to agree. That probably isn’t fair, and I’m not annoyed, I just want the work to please people and not immediately drift into debates about how I’ve messed it up. I just wanted a character with a crop top and leggings because I didn’t have one.

  • Well, I for one LOVE the look! Gorgeous girl in a costume that’s pretty different from anything I’ve seen here (or anywhere for that matter). I’m already sold and eagerly waiting for friday!

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