Photo of the Day: November 19th

OUT TODAY at – The video ‘Catching The Danger’ alongside a rather superb photo set of Metro-Girl v Enforcer.


  • Always loved Wonderstrike, but this is actually the first time I’ve seen the actress as Metro-Girl. That suit almost looks like it’s painted on! 😀
    The few moments of special effects really help sell it as a high-tech suit.
    Another good fight between the two ladies. And I loved the ending.

    • You’re in for a treat! Both of Metro-Girl’s previous videos are worth getting for the actress alone, but her second one, “New Power Generation”, is really excellent. MG fights an electric-powered member of the titular terrorist group, Z43, played by “the Anvil” from the main NGC story. They’re both top-notch fighters, so it’s extremely well done. There’s some humor, a little costume destruction, and a fantastic peril ending. This entry appears to be out of continuity now, but it’s worth it for such a high quality video.
      Her first one (Dark Money) features uber-villain Falcone (played by “Alaric”, who’s always excellent) and sets up Metro-Girl’s fugitive dilemma. MG also has a pretty good chloroform scene in “Dark Money”, and that actress has quietly become one of my favorites at those scenes.

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