• Oh man, did I love her!! I think I may have purchased every video NGC produced with this actress in it! Beautiful, athletic, with an incredibly sexy accent and tremendous acting skills, she was and still is among my most favorite of the NGC line-up of actresses.

  • Yes, she was amazing, both as Lady Victory and as Miracle Maiden. I was instantly drawn to her when I first joined here. The “This is War” two-parter was one of my first purchases.
    And as Steve says, an incredibly sexy accent

  • I remember when she started here in the first Lady Victory video.
    I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, because I was surely being visited by an angel.
    I ended up with all of the Lady Victory videos (including the NGC Championships videos she was featured in) and I think I have all of her Miracle Maiden videos, too (or at least, most of them).
    Wonderful actress who I always looked forward to seeing.
    This pic is a nice reminder.

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