Photo of the Day: November 1st

Friday’s email was packed with 7 Photo Sets, 4 NEW and 3 CLASSIC. We have Celestia, Deceptress, Deja Vu, Starshot, Angel, Bluebird, and of course Athena from her ‘Athena’s Atonement’ set with posed and action shots against Hamilton Dinar from 2014. I hope you’ve still got that email!


  • I purchased nearly all of them.
    Tell me though, I recall seeing 2 pictures of Miss Freedom a while back wearing a silver catsuit and gold hot pants. Were these just random concept snaps, or were they part of a set? And if so, will they be released?

    • They were really just messing around concept pieces. We have enough for a set but releasing it hasn’t been a priority because where possible the photo set mirrors whatever the video is OR if the video has no photo set we’d be more inclined to put out a set of a heroine in a costume. It doesn’t quite fit the criteria, but perhaps if we have another weekend like the last one we’ll do it.

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