Photo of the Day: November 20th

How did Wonderstrike fare in ‘Deepheist’? Full release today on this website where you can find out!


  • A) Loved the video, of course

    B) I’ll preface this by saying that I totally love Wonderstrike as she is (and all your heroines), but would you/have you ever considered taking a long standing heroine character and turning her into a villainess for an prolonged period as a character switch? Not as a brain washing angle, but something where she just decides she’s had enough (or some other reason) and turns evil. I ask because as I was watching this, I was thinking, “dang, Wonderstrike is such a good talker, I bet she’d be great talking condescending trash to a heroine with malicious intent.” Plus, considering how this video ends….I couldn’t help but wonder (great punwork I know).

    Good talkers make such good heels, and switching up someone like Wonderstrike, Captain Liberty, or Majesty would make for a fun twist (and a refresh for their character if any of them are getting bored), as they all talk well. They also, in my opinion, have an air of arrogance about them that would make for a great villainess.

    Just my lazy Sunday ponderings. Great video, and great work as always! Keep it up!

    • We have sort of done that a while ago in the main story with Bluebird when she turned against Elite Force. If it was just a choice they make rather than some kind of hypnotic influence then I doubt they’d turn total villain.

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