Photo of the Day: November 27th

Out TODAY for everyone on this website… Does Malicia get her revenge in ‘Malicia’s Revenge’? Or can Patriot-Girl protect her Master and save the day?


  • Terrific episode. I can’t add much to the reviews posted previously, except to echo that it was great to see Malicia in peril (I hope we can see more of it!) and Patriot-Girl is excellent. She’s great at acting genuinely distressed when she’s “in distress,” which is a vital skill, IMO.
    Glad to hear the callbacks to previous events and see more in the story about Equilibrium’s growing pains. Killscape has made some important enemies, but the Guardian Angels’ ranks are pretty strong right now. I like the idea of a roster of heroines misled into working for a villain despite their noble intentions and hope it plays out a while longer. Lots of different ways it could go. Anxious to see what’s to come for Elite Force (whatever’s left of it) and the various heroines acting independently. A very interesting time.

    • Side observation: the opening could use an update! Wonderstrike and (maybe) Miss Freedom are the only heroines in that montage who are still active.

      • Yes, I was thinking that the other day. Once the editors queue has shrunk a bit we might do something about that. Perhaps something that incorporates past and present? Not just past as it is inevitably turning out to be.

    • “Anxious to see what’s to come for Elite Force (whatever’s left of it)”

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Elite Force was just Captain Liberty, on her own, leader by default 😆
      It would also explain why she’s one of the few heroines who has never teamed-up with another heroine (she’s fought against a few, though)

      Good call about the opening. I love the current one, and it’s great to see all those past characters go by, but with so many new heroines since then, it would seem a good time for a more up-to-date one

      • I hadn’t seen the Patriot-Girl profile, thanks for the alert. I appreciate getting insight into what has led so many of the latest heroines on the scene to work with Equilibrium. I’m looking forward to seeing how Killscape manages his Guardian Angels, what his goals are, and how he’ll maintain the pretense that they’re the good guys.

  • Considering Malicia is my 1st or 2nd favorite character in NGC history, watching her start to kick ass in the second act really brought it home in the feels for me.

    Almost kind of felt like her swan song (I hope not!), and if the alternate ending is indeed that, then her cackling and walking out is a puuuuurrrrrrfect sendoff

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