Photo of the Day: November 5th

OUT TODAY: Alias & Majesty team-up in ‘Tag Battle II’… It’s going to be a hard one!


  • Wow! I had high expectations for this one… and you exceeded them, big time!
    Alias and Majesty make a wonderful team. Once again, I love some of the little adorable moments between them (Majesty turning to Alias and saying “No offense” )
    This is the third video release for each actress, and they’re both so good, I can’t go on calling them ‘the new girls’. I’ve said it before, but the current NGC roster is in safe hands with these two aboard.
    (One thing, I just noticed Alias is listed in the male characters section… might want to fix that)
    And the baddies were just as good. Dominator and Dr Progress make such a fun team, chewing the scenery as soon as they teleport in. They are so good together, I hope they appear together again!
    Fantastic video, and all that I could have wished for for my Birthday 😀

  • Another excellent team-up video! Tag team and other multi-heroine bouts are consistent winners and this one is no exception. Both heroines are wonderful, especially Alias, who’s been very impressive so far. We’ve seen three of her heroine transformations, and given how great she looks in these costumes, I can’t wait to see what’s next.
    Majesty II is also very good here, better I think than in her last team-up with Wonderstrike, and I like her hair pulled up as it is here. The acting is very fine all around, including the villains, which raises the video up a lot in my estimation.
    Maybe this is just me, but I would’ve loved to see one or both of the heroines lose their capes at some point in the proceedings. Alias and Maj are both on the petite side and the full red capes each of them were sporting toward the end seem perfect for being rudely stripped from them and used to wrap/choke/restrain them. Again, maybe it’s just me.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. These two did very well considering they’ve done so little at this point. Even if an actress has done stage combat before, it doesn’t mean they are fully prepared for the way we do it.

      The Lady Victory cape is stitched on, so that will never happen with that one I’m afraid.

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