Photo Of The Day: November 9th

Did you get Part 1 of ‘Starshot v Drone’ photo set? Yes? Well Part 2 is coming soon! (This is a shot from Part 1)


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    I appreciate you telling us that part 2 is coming soon. But I think what you meant to say was that part 2 is coming soon, then part 3 after that, part 4 soon after, part 5 before the year is out, part 6 for the new year and so on and so on

    • I tossed the idea of solo websites in the bin a few years back when I released Bluebird 2020 Part 1 and a couple of people said they were tired of Bluebird. If you can get tired of Bluebird then I can’t help you, and I certainly couldn’t risk so much money and effort on that bizarre kind of fatigue.

  • Allow me to echo Darkwrath’s comment. I’m looking forward to the announcement of when the “All Starshot” website is going to launch.

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