Photo of the Day: October 11th

Pretty much everyone rocks the Infinity Girl costume. Patriot-Girl is no exception!


  • Speaking of costumes, here’s a fun exercise; pick your 5 favorite NGC heroines past or present in your favorite costume they appeared in. Each heroine and costume can be used only once. I’ll go first (and yes there is definitely a recency bias here):

    1) Alias as Infinity Girl
    2) Princess as Shadowstar
    3) Deceptress in her leotard costume
    4) Shining Spirit as Angel
    5) Solaris in her black and gold slave costume

    Honorable mention to Majesty as Red Glory, Lady X as Supremacy, and Starshot in her own costume.

    • Difficult for me to pick an order… Notable mentions: Bluebird’s 3rd (shiny) costume, Miss Freedom’s catsuit, Deceptress as Dynamite Doll if you saw that from a photo set.

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