Photo of the Day: October 16th

How bad do things get for Alias in ‘Heroine Showcase’? Find out TODAY!


  • I noticed it’s just over a year since her first appearance as Alias in a video (though she did one video as Supremacy Alpha before that)… and her performance in every release has been spectacular! I hope she sticks around for a loooong time to come, because I always look forward to any video or photo set featuring her.

    (Although, how you’ve gone a full year without making a video called “Alias, Smith and Jones” is beyond me 😉 … but feel free to use it, now I’ve suggested it )

    • Yes, she’s done a very good job in the videos we’ve made. I can’t guarantee anyone will stick around unfortunately. I wish it were different, but these are young women and their lives can change very quickly. I’d try and live in the moment when it comes to our stuff and not worry too much about the future. That’s my job!

  • Don’t worry 😀 I’m not staking my future enjoyment of your videos all on one actress (no matter how spectacular she is)… There’s also the equally sensational Captain Liberty… and now Shining Spirit, Lady X, Patriot-Girl and Ubiquity are breaking in and bowling me over.
    With a group like that, I’m not worried 🙂

  • Must echo what everyone has said on the forum about this one… a sheer masterpiece. I especially love the innuendos planted throughout. The moment when she says “does he have a safe word” is gold.

    Also amazing is later when she uses her red glory superpower on midnight… the moment she exhausts her power is definitely the climax of this NGC installment.

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