• Yes, she’d probably be my pick too. All her videos are incredible, and she’s getting even better all the time. Special Measures and The Announcement have both jumped to the top of my fave list.
    I hope you continue to work with her for a long time to come

  • From the newest models, Majesty 2. She did a good job of replacing Majesty 1. I’m hoping that she is given an AC character in the future.

  • Majesty is my favorite newcomer, that’s a fact. That said, I can’t deny that Captain Liberty is a great character with an excellent actress. Besides being beautiful and sexy, she showed a lot of consistency in the role. 5 videos (not counting the championship) since her appearance prove what I’m saying, and this number also shows the commitment and dedication of the actress during this short period. Yeah, she is definitely the MVP

    • Well I’ve seen a couple of things that you haven’t yet, which make the point forcefully. However, I’m very happy with what we’ve managed to shoot this year in difficult circumstances. An evolving and slightly smaller cast, but lot’s of them really stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.

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