• Gian Lorenzo Betti van der Noot says:

    It would be fabulous if Sonica and Lightstalker fought: Sound vs Light.
    Other interesting opponents could be Lady X (inner power versus tech power), or Lady Atom.

  • Yes, she was great. I look forward to seeing her again.
    I also loved her photo-set fighting Anvil, so I’d love to see them tangle in a video too.

  • Wonderstrike or Majesty is my default answer, but I like the idea of pitting her against another new character, like Ubiquity (how would her tech work against someone she can’t see?) or Shining Spirit (light v light). Requiem would also be fun, since they both rely on weapons.

  • She is great and costume is great too!
    Lady X, Shining Spirit or Ubiquity next please?
    Something like Deceptress Destroyed or Spectrum v Sister Fate?

  • How about an evil posed version of Miracle Maiden been a long time since Celestia dawned that outfit on
    Bracelets verses high tech

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