Photo of the Day: October 21st

Wonderstrike in the original costume, what is your favourite Wonderstrike video?


  • I love Wonderstrike…!♥ VILLAIN’S ACCOMPLICE – PART 1 and REDSTONE GANG are my favorites, but I will miss her pretty blond long hair.

  • Yes, Villain’s Accomplice parts 1 & 2 and Redstone Gang are also my favourites 🙂

    But I’ll also add a special mention for Wonderstrike in the Danger Room, Dark Mercenary and The Coming Storm

  • I can’t possibly pick my favorite, it’s very nearly “whichever one I watched last,” but the ones I watch most often are probably “Villain’s Accomplice” and “Danger Room.” She had some good appearances before, but “A Game of Two Halves” was a revelation and she hasn’t made a video since that I don’t love. Shout out to her Championship appearances as well.

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