• If you haven’t got ‘deceptress destroyed’ ‘celestia jobber’ or ‘unfair’ then snap them up quick! Does anyone else have any recommendations?

    • Yep, “Celestia the Jobber” is one of my favourites.

      Other personal favourites:
      “Starshot v Malicia” – “Hotshot v Malicia” – “Sonica v Commander Curse” – “Alaric v Deja-Vu” – “Comet Girl v Virtue v Curse” – “Starshot and Wonderstrike v Alaric” – “Sonica v Malicia” – “Tag Team Battle” – “Virtue and Vice v Curse” – “Dreamweaver v Curse” – “Triple Threat” – “Deceptress v Nemesis” – “Nemesis Gauntlet” – “A Rock and a Hard Place” – “Captain Liberty v Anvil” – “Tag Battle II” – “Miss Freedom v Dr Progress” – “Captain Liberty v Dr Progress” – “Patriot-Girl and Ubiquity v Lady Nemesis” (wow, is that one really over a year old?!? )

      whew… long list… and I probably missed a lot of good ones too

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