Photo of the Day: October 25th

Out TODAY on this site… Comet Girl Meets The Duke & Anvil. Perhaps it goes better in the video? Or not.


  • Have you guys ever considered starting a video in the immediate aftermath of a heroine defeat? For example, without spoiling the ending, what if in her next video, Comet girl begins in the item that it is implied Duke and Anvil left her in. The theme of the episode would be her determined to achieve redemption, but ultimately falling victim again and ending up in the same or a similar place to where she began. The idea could be applied to other heroines as well, such as Majesty’s ending in “Malicia Gets Her Ring Back.” I just feel like the added humiliation of them having to be begin from a place of defeat (and being seen by civilians and/or having to be rescued) would really add something special to these. Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts, and regardless what you do, you guys always produce great videos. Thanks for all of your great work!

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