• Definitely agree that 2021 was Captain Liberty’s year. 2022 was great for her too.

    Late last year, based on the few videos she’d done by that point, I predicted that Alias would be my pick for 2022… and I’m sticking by that. She’s been phenomenal in all her appearances, both video and photoshoot. So I’m definitely saying Alias for 2022.

    Special mention for Shining Spirit and Lady X, who have both wowed me. So I’m tipping either of them as my prediction for next year, once they’ve both got many many more videos under their belt (hopefully 🙂 )

  • I emphatically agree that Captain Liberty was the standout of last year. For 2022, my vote goes to the original Majesty, who made a triumphant return early this year after a hiatus and struck gold with a Danger Room appearance, the two-parter with her sister, the latest VTV production, a Championship appearance, and several fantastic photosets.

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