Photo of the Day: October 30th

Out TODAY… A 7 Photo Set SUPER RELEASE! Including this one, a solo Starshot set in her main costume! We’ve also got Super-Celestia, Erica, Deja Vu, and bumper sized Angel, Bluebird, and Athena sets for you. You’ve just got to open the email!


  • Excited to see the new photosets but no email. These seems to happen every now and then where I get an email update one week but not the next. Any way to get the email update for this photoset?

    • I think you were an hour or so early posting this as I can see you got it and opened it when it came. I hope that’s the case.

  • Loved this set. Starshot is so charismatic. And comely. And wise, strong, intelligent, dexterous, high in constitution… generally good in all Dungeons & Dragons attributes.

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