Photo of the Day: October 7th

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  • Got it and loved it! Sure was nice to see Bella on film versus just stills of her. Would love her to reconsider her desire not to do a feature video as she has wonderful expressions. Thanks for making this available.

  • Wonderful! Great to see her in moving pictures.
    This is one of those ones that people are really going to regret missing if they don’t hurry up and get it

  • One of these days, she’s gonna realize that the way she’s shooting those still’s, she about 1/3 of the way to actually making a video…not that I’m complaining. Just an observation.
    Thank you, NGC, for doing this video. I was hoping for sound, so I could hear her voice, but what you sent us is wonderful. I’ll take it, if that’s as far as it will ever go.
    That Ubiquity video was pretty kick ass, too.
    I just hope that’s not the last we’ve seen of her.

    • NGC – I just had an idea….what if you brought back the concept of the comic book.
      Remember when you had the comic books here?
      Like that, but as a photo set.
      So Bella would still be doing the photo sets, like she always had, but the photos would follow a story line and you could add in dialogue and a narrative, in the form of voice bubbles and dialog boxes, like you’d see in a comic book.
      Anyway, just something that struck me, since people would really like to see Bella do a video.
      This might be the compromise to make that idea work.

      • I appreciate the enthusiasm, but this isn’t really viable. It would mean location shooting, and in that case we might as well do a video because more people buy them. Piecing together a comic book is really quite time consuming, they sell in small numbers, and we’re maxed out with all we do already I’m afraid.

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