Photo of the Day: October 8th

Only 24 hours to secure your Wonderstrike Member Gift, after that… gone forever!


  • Hi a little bit of nitpicking here. But the solo missions or the ngm missions the counting is not correct. On the site the Angel on the Shoulder video is counted as 48 on the download it’s 49. The Majesty video is counted at 50 on the download. But I quess when it’s on the site it is 49 instead of 50.
    For someone buying almost every video and keeping a catalog of what video I have and don’t have I started doubting if I missed one. Maybe you forgot to release one (with bluebird preferably lol….)

    • The mix-up started with the Test Subjects video, which on the download was originally labelled as non canon / solo mission 48, but it was then decided to make it Special Mission 16 instead (since it was a team-up, and not actually a solo mission), from that point on it seems to have thrown the numbering system out of sync for the downloads.
      I don’t know if there’s anything stopping the next solo/non canon being (correctly) labeled as number 50, even though the last one already was

      • Yes this is the reason. Stupidly, if you change the catalogue number of a video after release, the system deletes all the sales reporting to that point and starts over, which would mean all accounting is wrong, and a far bigger problem. Maybe I’ll skip one, I don’t know.

        • Whatever solution gives you the least problems. Or else I can skip one in my admin and register 48 as a non-existent mission. It’s just a minor anomaly for the ocd people lol

        • I don’t know if it will maybe let you use something simple like “50a” for the catalogue number when you actually come to solo mission 50.
          That should be different enough from the 50 you’ve already used for this video’s number, while still letting you get back in sync.
          I don’t know if that could work

  • Thanks for the gift, NGC.
    …and some light background music this time.
    Pretty cool!
    Really liked the new Majesty video, thanks for that too.
    She’s one of my favourite actresses here.

  • Just a thought, and not totally relevant but … please try filming some fight scenes on a staircase as it gives really unusual and dynamic camera angles. There was an Alex David film years ago called Liberty the Return where there was a fight on a staircase. It had a different angle to all the other films at the time. – literally! Worked really well. Just a thought?

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